Real Estate

Offering Legal Advice To Landlords and Renters

Angelo & Angelo, LLC regularly advises landlords of residential real estate, office buildings and other commercial properties concerning their leasing needs. The firm also represents tenants in connection with their lease negotiations with landlords.

Real Estate Associations and Condominiums

The firm, from its inception, has represented a number of homeowner and condominium associations, including Raintree Manor in Hampton Township.  In addition, the firm, during the course of the past several years, has served as counsel to other homeowner associations in Allegheny and Butler Counties

Attorney Maccagnan serves as Chairman of the Hampton Township Zoning Hearing Board.  In this capacity he presides at hearings for variance requests to the municipal zoning ordinance, adjudicates the cases with other Board members and writes opinions granting or denying the requested variance, time extensions, etc.

Real Estate Development

Over the past few years, Angelo & Angelo, LLC has developed an outstanding reputation for providing sound advice to the real estate developers. The firm has been involved with the development of office buildings, mixed use projects, residential developments, retail projects and multi-family residential projects. By getting involved early in the project, we typically are able to assist our clients in the due diligence phase of determining the feasibility of a project, providing the legal representation for the acquisition or sale of a project, as well as providing advice concerning financing, construction, and development of a particular project.

The firm has developed a reputation for representing numerous high-end home builders.

Over the years, the firm has developed exceptional relationships with a variety of other service providers in the real estate community. Thus, the firm is frequently in a position to recommend lenders, sources of equity, surveyors, environmental investigators, appraisers, architects, and engineers as well as other professionals that may be helpful in connection with a particular project.  We often appear before Zoning Hearing Boards in various townships and cities on behalf of various developers in connection with their requests for approval of their projects.

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